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Pressure Cookers

Forget the tales of exploding pressure cookers. Today's pressure cookers feature a wide range of safety features, from multiple steam release features to lids that will not unlock while still under pressure. Pressure cookers are great for quickly cooking beans and stews, and because they retain all the cooking liquids, they help keep nutrients in your food.


Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers

Duromatic, Swiss made stainless steel Pressure Cookers by Kuhn Rikon can help you create a healthier and delicious diet with incredible ease and speed. Perfect for the time-challenged cook. Engineered to be easy-to-use, perfectly safe, easy-to-clean and beautifully designed, the Duromatic will maintain its lustrous shine and will never rust, corrode or chip. The solid aluminum sandwich base conducts heat superbly, resulting in perfectly even browning for all foods. The automatic lid-locking system prevents the lid from ever opening while under pressure plus the five safety features engineered into each cooker, makes Duromatic Pressure Cookers the safest. Made in Switzerland. 10 year product guarantee.

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