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Global Knives

Uniquely designed and incredibly sharp, Global knives set the standard for Japanese cutlery. The precision made blades are super thin and extra hard so they hold an edge longer than other knives of their type. The blade is welded seamlessly to the beautifully sculpted dimpled non-slip handle. Very lightweight and maneuverable, they are perfectly balanced and very comfortable in your hand, even during extended periods of cooking preparation. The high carbon stainless steel blades are alloyed with exotic trace metals and then heat tempered harder than most European blades.


Because the blades are ground so thin, it is advisable to only sharpen them with a Japanese water stone or ceramic sharpener. Special care should be taken to protect the extremely sharp and delicate knife blades during handling and storage. Not dishwasher safe. Made in Japan.

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Global 3" Peeling Knife
Suggested Retail: $52.95 $42.00
Global 5 Piece Ship Shape Knife Block Set
Suggested Retail: $530.00 $440.00
Global Hollow Edge Carving Knife
Suggested Retail: $159.00 $125.00

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Global Sai 3.5" Paring Knife
Suggested Retail: $179.00 $138.95
Global Sai 3-Piece Set
Suggested Retail: $627.00 $448.95
Global Sai 6" Utility Knife
Suggested Retail: $199.00 $158.95
Global Sai 7.5" Vegetable Knife
Suggested Retail: $279.00 $218.95
Global Sai Santoku Knives
Suggested Retail: $210.00 - $249.00 $158.95 - $198.95 $99.95 - $198.95
Global Sai 8" Chef's Knife
Suggested Retail: $279.00 $218.95
Global 3.5 inch Fish & Poultry Knife
Suggested Retail: $110.00 $83.00
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Global 8" Flexible Swedish Fillet Knife
Suggested Retail: $179.00 $142.00
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