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Knife Sharpeners

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Wusthof Classic Ikon 2-Stage Knife Sharpener
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Wusthof Tri-Stone Sharpener
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When you purchase a new knife from Broadway Panhandler, it has been professionally ground and sharpened at the factory by skilled craftsman. If you want your blade to stay as sharp as new, you will need to invest the time to maintain it.

Most knife edges are ground to a 20░ angle to the perpendicular on each side. It is essential that you learn to hone/sharpen your knives consistently to that angle to achieve maximum sharpness. The sharpening process de-burrs and removes excess steel from the knife blade while honing removes small burrs and realigns the molecules of the metal to make a sharp edge.

When sharpening or honing your knife, always sharpen in the same direction and with the cutting edge facing the motion. The strokes should be equal in number and in pressure on both sides.

Honing Steels

F. Dick Professional Steels
Friedr. Dick Company founded in Germany in 1778 is still family owned and re-known for making some of the world's best honing steels.


Japanese Water Stones
Perfect for Global knives, and nearly everything else, these whetstones will not harm the delicate edges of Japanese cutlery. Japanese whetstones (except ceramic) must be soaked in water before using. Using the medium grit (800 - 1,000) results in very sharp edges while the coarse (300) grit will restore seriously dulled blades. The Super Fine 6000 grit stone is for extra fine edge work, perfect for single edged sushi style knives.

Diamond Bench Sharpener
Diamond Bench Sharpeners are the most efficient sharpening devices we sell at Broadway Panhandler. Light pressure quickly restores your edge with just a few strokes. Use water for lubrication. Available in several sizes and grits.

Diamond Sharpening Rods
Imbedded with thousands of industrial diamonds, these sharpening rods yield more surface area to make this among the fastest manual sharpening method. Extremely fast and convenient, diamond sharpening rods will sharpen the dullest of knives with just a few strokes. Available in medium and fine grits.

Ceramic Sharpening Rods
Smooth ceramic sharpening rods work similarly to diamond rods, quickly removing metal from the knife edge. Ceramic rods are extremely fragile.