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Spatulas, Turners & Tongs

Also referred to as a Fish or Pelton Spatula, these thin semi-flexible blade turners make the difference when it comes to preparation and presentation of delicate foods. Their design avoids mangling or puncturing delicate fillets sizzling in a hot pan, and also work great for other fragile or tricky situations, like when making omelets, crepes or blinis. The angled edge is designed to slide between the food and the pan without damaging any skin or coating. The long slots in the blade allow any excess oil or poaching fluid to drain away and also reduces the chances of food sticking to the utensil.

Choose from two styles:

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All Clad Nonstick Turners
Suggested Retail: $0.00 $25.95
Architec EcoSmart Polypaper Serving Spoon Set
Suggested Retail: $0.00 $10.95
Dexter-Russell Rosewood Handle Turners
Suggested Retail: $0.00 $15.95 - $33.95
Le Creuset Silicone Large Spatula Spoons
Suggested Retail: $16.00 $11.95
Messermeister 12" Locking Tongs
Suggested Retail: $16.50 - $19.00 $12.99 - $14.99
Messermeister 7" Silicone Locking Tongs
Suggested Retail: $0.00 $6.95
Messermeister 9" Locking Tongs
Suggested Retail: $15.00 - $16.00 $11.99 - $12.99
WMF Profi Plus Slotted Spatula
Suggested Retail: $0.00 $15.95
Woodland Wood Utensils
Suggested Retail: $0.00 $7.95 - $14.95
All Clad Stainless Steel Locking Tongs
Suggested Retail: $0.00 $23.95 - $25.95
All Clad Stainless Steel Turners
Suggested Retail: $0.00 $23.95
Egg Spatula
Suggested Retail: $0.00 $9.95
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