De Buyer Carbone Plus Crepe Pans

De Buyer Carbone Plus Crepe Pans

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4.75" Blini/Crepe Pan
8.75" Crepe
9.5" Crepe
10.25" Crepe

deBuyer Carbone Plus Crepe Pans

The design of these thick carbon steel crepe pans by deBuyer has remained unchanged since the seventeenth century. Heavy guage, 2.5 to 3.0 mm, they have a flat, black iron handle firmly welded to the pan, allowing a secure grip while rotating the pan. A crepe pan will be a welcome addition to your kitchen, as they are extremely versatile - great for sauteing and searing a wide range of foods, as well as an alternative for a gratin dish or for tarts.

Induction ready. Made in France.

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