De Buyer Carbone Plus Fry Pans

De Buyer Carbone Plus Fry Pans

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12 5/8"

deBuyer Carbone Plus Fry Pans

For over 150 years deBuyer has been making "Lyonnaise" fry pans with a high profile and curved skirt. Heavy gauge, 2.5 to 3.0 mm thick with proportional strip steel handle triple riveted to the body, these steel fry pans are considered the "Queen of French Gastronomy". Only the steel fry pan uses the closely guarded secret of the maillard reaction. Meat grilled in this great gastronomic classic retains all it's flavor while acquiring a fine brown appearance. This is because of the Maillard reaction, which only takes place at temperatures above 145 degrees Celsius, and caramelizes the natural sugar of the meat. The meat is caramelized and browned on the outside when it is sealed. It can then continue to cook on a low heat without losing its moisture. This closes the pores and steams the inner part of the meat. As a result, the inside remains soft and juicy, while the outside turns crispy brown.

Induction Ready. Made in France

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