Kyocera Kyotop Damascus Ceramic Knives

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Kyocera Kyotop Damascus Ceramic Knives

Suggested Retail: $0.00 $149.95 - $249.95
4.5" Utility
6.25" Chef's

Kyocera's premium line features blades that are fired to resemble Damascus-look steel blades. With Pakka wood handles riveted in 3 places. In a 4.5" Utility and a 6.25" Chef's Knife.

Extremely hard, second only to diamonds, zirconium oxide ceramics were originally developed for industrial cutting applications. Now configured into specialty kitchen knives, we offer the highest quality ceramic knives available by Kyocera, Japan's largest producer of industrial ceramics. Depending on technique, cutting surface and frequency of use, you can expect your ceramic knife not to need sharpening for eight months to three years or more. Ceramic blades should not be used for cutting frozen foods or bones. The blade is very hard, therefore, somewhat rigid and brittle. The ultra-sharp blade makes normal slicing and light chopping chores a pleasure. It cuts like a razor. Shatterproof. Complimentary sharpening is available, if required, directly from Kyocera in San Diego, CA. Made in Japan.