Baking & Pizza Stone

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Baking & Pizza Stone

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Round (13")
Round (16")
Regtangular (14" x 16")

Also referred to as a pizza stone, adding a baking stone to your assortment of kitchenware will do more than result in perfectly crisp pizza and artisanal style breads. Did you know that the temperature of an average home oven can fluctuate by as much as 50°F while baking and that the average home oven registers 25°F lower than the temperature dial? In addition to an oven thermometer, we recommend investing in a clay baking stone as it will increase the efficiency of your oven by helping to maintain an even oven temperature and minimizing hot spots. And as for baking pizza and bread? A baking stone, preheated to 500 degrees, quickly creates a crust, keeping in moisture for a soft, airy interior for artisanal quality bread. This item may ship separately from others. Made in U.S.A. by Old Stone Oven.


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