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Electric kitchen appliances seem to continue to evolve at an accelerated pace. These days your coffee maker / alarm clock wakes you to the “gentle” sound of the coffee beans being freshly ground for your morning brew. Or flick the switch on your 64-ounce, 20,000 R.P.M., quality smoothie maker to concoct your power shake before work or crush ice to make frozen margaritas for 6 in less than 18 seconds.

From multi-function pressure cookers and food processors to halogen heat ovens, oil less fryers and combination convection, steam/microwave and magnetic induction technology, new innovations in commercial food service equipment will continue to be modified for the home kitchen.

Our customers know to continually look to Broadway Panhandler to be among the first to bring worthy kitchen appliances to their attention. Whether you choose a proven classic or the latest multifunction appliance, kitchen electrics will improve your efficiency in the kitchen.