6 Amazing Kitchen Organization and Storage Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Oh, the kitchen. Where space is often at a premium, and the ability to organize makes you king.

Whether you have a small or large kitchen, staying organized can be a challenge. However, you can have an organized kitchen using simple kitchen organization ideas and seemingly make life easier in the kitchen when preparing meals.

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You can get your kitchen organized in a simple and efficient manner, whether you’re a novice DIYer or used to tackling a project every weekend.

We spoke to two home and kitchen design experts to share their favorite kitchen organization and storage ideas citing real life projects that bring storage and style to kitchens, whether you want to create a special space for spices, often-used equipment or important notes.

This kitchen organization and storage ideas are divided into two parts. First is the top 6 Chic Kitchen Organization and Storage Ideas and then an easy organization solution for kitchens.

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6 Simple kitchen storage and organization ideas to maximize your space

1. Hang Mason Jars Under Cabinets

image of hanging mason jars

Maximize your counter space by hanging Mason jars from the bottom of your cabinets. You can do this by attaching sheet metal underneath your upper cabinets and magnets to the tops of jars. This way, you will be able to free up counter space and ensure your spices are always nearby.

For me, it’s nice to have your spices within reach, so if they’re right there, you can grab them pretty easily.

Jule Eller, Lowe’s director of trends and style.

Decluttering your counter space will ensure there is extra space for cooking and for some of your most used small kitchen appliances when its mealtime.

2. Utilize Space Using the Nooks and Crannies

kitchen space utilization idea

In order to maximize space and make a focal point, Atlanta interior designer Eryn Houck created a niche between the wall studs. A local glass company cut the glass shelves to fit the measurements, says Houck, owner of Bellwether Design Co.

4. Show Off Your Spices

Just like an open display shelving unit, get a set of glass containers, put in most of your dry spices for storage and label them. This way, all of your dry spices become easy to access and remember.

As shown in the image above for utilizing spaces, dry spices are labeled and stored neatly in glass containers in Houck’s kitchen, adding color and interest to what would otherwise have been a blank wall.

3. Capitalize on Hidden Spaces

kitchen storage idea image showing how to utilize hidden spaces by hanging kitchen supplies

The secret to a more organized kitchen is utilizing a long-forgotten space. One of such hidden spaces is the back of the cabinet door. Take measuring cups and spoons out of the drawers and simply hang them on a rod.

As seen in the image above. This serves as a kind of hidden secret, that really helps with organization.

5. Create a Chalk Zone for your Todo and shopping lists

Stay organized and never get caught halfway cooking a meal only to realize you have run out of certain ingredients or food items. To stay organized all through the week or month and know items that need to be replaced, get a small chalkboard and write down things like; list of items that need replacement, grocery shopping list, and in some cases reminders or food menu.

Often, the key to an organized home life is communication. For this, making your own message board with chalkboard paint and cork can be pretty handy. A half-paint, half-chalkboard message area is a great place to stick small reminders for the whole family.

6. Maximize What’s Overhead

kitchen organization idea image showing how to store pots and pans for easy aceess

Make pots and pans easier to reach by storing them overhead, rather than in a low cabinet. Hanging cooking pots and pans from a rack maximizes previously unused space and frees up cabinet space as well.

This project also can double as decor. A lot of people really have an affinity for cookware, so some people actually like the look of it. Jule Eller, Lowe’s director of trends and style.

Simple Products and Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

There’s a point every day where I find myself wishing for an extra drawer, a walk-in pantry, or cabinet shelving with enough vertical space to store the cereal boxes upright.

But when you move into an old house, you usually have to make concessions (and sideways cereal boxes are our concession). An organized kitchen makes everything easier – and certainly makes cooking more enjoyable. So, here are my favorite products and tips that help give the kitchen two thumbs up?

Organize your silverware and knives

Cooking Knife storage is a must. A countertop knife block is nice if you need them at your fingertips, but you can also save counter space and tuck the knives into a drawer. Make a simple drawer knife corral similar to the one shown in the photo above by using a piece of untreated wood and a chop saw to create narrow spaces for each knife.

Silverware organizers are mandatory – and as much as we swoon for the store-bought styles in sleek stainless and non-slip silicone finishes, many of our favorites are DIY drawer dividers and organizers.

Make the most of your refrigerator and freezer

image of organized toppings in the fridge

Adding a condiment control center to our fridge made a big difference. The spinning tray not only keeps our most-used toppings organized in the fridge, but convenient to transport to and from the dining room table. (These turntables are also great in cabinets for spices, canned goods, and baking accessories.)

Improve access to deep cabinets

When you’re on your knees and shoulder deep in your base cabinet hoping your fingertips find that 9×9 baking dish, remember that there are multiple solutions for those dark, disorderly spaces. First things first, install a motion-sensitive LED light strip. You can attach it directly to the inside of the cabinet, and every time you reach within, you will have the lighting you need to easily find what you need. (We have them in every closet in our house!)

Next, consider inserts to keep the deep cabinets orderly. The inserts slide in and out with ease, allowing easier access and improving your ability to organize the cabinet space. The same drawer inserts can be used in a deep pantry cabinet, making it easier to manage your non-perishables like a pro.

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